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Niambi Wellness Research, LLC

Niambi Wellness Research, LLC

Our Background

Niambi Wellness Natural Pharmacy is a retail department of our parent company Niambi Wellness Research, LLC (formerly Niambi Wellness Institute, LLC) and part of the ongoing Integrative Cardiovascular Chinese Medicine (ICCM) program. ICCM was originally the project created and developed between 2008 and 2013 as Dr. Anika Al-Shura's doctoral study work in China. So far the project has published 16 peer reviewed medical textbooks, some self titled, through Elsevier Academic Press (2014, 2019 & 2020). Dr. Al-Shura is a traditional Chinese medicine physician with cardiology specialty training in China. She contributed to a major international project which published a peer reviewed article involving studies on prebiotics, probiotics and personal health. Niambi Wellness Research, LLC was established in 2021 and stores all of Dr. Anika's previous research work in hospitals in China between 2004- 2014. This work includes observation of hospital inpatients, routine outpatient visits and elective catherization lab; translating and mining literature from Chinese medical journals; collecting data involving cardiovascular herbs, formulas and pharmaceuticals; searching store shelves for available OTC remedies and what they mean for cardiac patients in China; analyzing lab created data on raw herbal tinctures; observing Chinese hospital inpatient and outpatient progress and interviewing Chinese cardiac physicians. The current work in the United States since 2015 continues independent studies on culinary and medicinal plants, various dietary food groups, nutrition, natural remedies, herbal formulations, independent field observations in step down care, public health surveillance and COVID-19 diagnosing and treatment. 

Our results are consistent with common medical thought. People in the cardiac prevention stage with mild to moderate blood pressure and blood sugar symptoms, may be able to reduce or eliminate adverse effects if they improve their lifestyle. Modifying nutritional intake is just one of the steps. Common seasonal illnesses such as cold, flu and related infections complicate cardiac concerns. We believe that remedy choices are important and the goal is to help people restore and maintain health as well as possible. Some people respond favorably with prescribed or OTC pharmaceuticals, while others have better outcomes on products with natural ingredients such as prebiotics, probiotics, herbs, food and other forms of nutrition.

Our Current Product Lines

We carry a limited selection of our brand label of ancient patent traditional Chinese herbal remedies for common ailments. We have also developed our own three herbal product lines: GANMAO, FRUITea and PIFUDERMA  for people who prefer remedies with natural ingredients and our base formulations include traditional Chinese herbs.

GANMAO remedies address cold and flu signs and symptoms. FRUITea remedies relieve other issues in cardiac prevention and management such as digestion, energy and sleep. Both are sweetened with cane sugar, xylitol, apple juice extract or agave nectar. They can be effective in relieving symptoms and supporting well being. PIFUDERMA is a personal care product line that includes traditional Chinese herbs to relieve mild oral and skin irritations and infections that cardiac patients frequently encounter.

We hope our delicious and effective herbal solutions help anyone modifying their diet and lifestyle for cardiovascular prevention and a better life. We wish you the very best.