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Since 2010, we've been formulating remedies for cold & flu, and daily support such as digestion, vitality and sleep support. Our prepared herbal products include traditional Chinese medicine herbs, fresh fruits, minerals and other herbs. Product ingredients are locally sourced in the USA.

GANMAO is our line of OTC (over the counter) cold and flu remedies. In traditional Chinese medicine, gan mao means "common cold". Ingredients include pu'er tea, raw traditional Chinese herbs, organic fruit and are sweetened with either agave nectar, manuka honey and/or 100% cane sugar. Qi and Yang formulas are vegan and Yin formula contains manuka honey. Gluten free.

Our herbal remedies are categorized according to Qi, Yang and Yin. Qi remedies are for daytime cough and throat symptoms, Yang remedies are for daytime chest and head symptoms and Yin products are for night time rest, cough and congestion. When taken together, the Qi remedies can be taken in the morning, Yang remedies can be take during the daytime and Yin remedies can be taken at night.

Our products are formulated to provide relief without causing blood pressure and blood sugar elevations, and come in three different delivery forms.