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FRUITea Juice + Soup Cleanse Guide

FRUITea Juice + Soup Cleanse Guide

Using our Qi, Yang + Yin juices and soups to cleanse helps harmonize the heart and balance the meridians according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Each dose is a meal setting and includes cold pressed juice of fresh fruits and vegetables, with their pulp and skins, to extract their natural vitamins and minerals. Chinese herbs are utilized for their bio-nutritional constituents and probiotics for healthy gut flora.

If your doctor advises a dietary change for your heart or you have organized your own plan towards better health. By the end of our cleanse cycle, you should notice a feeling of energy and relaxation at proper times of the day, reduced food cravings and a better feeling of well-being. Our juice and tea cleanse program may help jump start the healthier lifestyle you imagined, and motivate you towards better lab results.


The juices and teas are freshly prepared without preservatives. You may store the bottles in the freezer up to three weeks, until needed. Remove only the unopened bottles and pouches you will use for the day, and thaw them at room temperature until liquid. You can store what you soon plan to use in the refrigerator up to three days.

For three days before your cleanse, you will need to adapt to a bland diet. Gradually eliminate excess salt, sugar, fatty meats, hot spices and any food cooked in an abundance of oils from your daily food intake. On the the third day, you may begin the juice and tea cleanse. Eating a bland diet is best during the cleanse. You may also eat our Qi congees, Yang bisques and Yin broths during your cleanse.


Continue your special diet during every meal. Drink the juices 60 minutes before a meal and the tea 60 minutes after. Qi juices and teas are marked 1, so drink them around breakfast. Yang juices and teas are marked 2, so drink them at mid day around lunch time and Yin juices and teas are marked 3, so drink them in the afternoon or evening around dinner time. Drink plenty of water between cleanse times.

Optimal Plan

Every Morning for Breakfast 5am-11am: Longan Qi juice, Greens + Rice Qi congee, Hawthorn Qi tea

Every Mid-Day for Lunch 11am-3pm: Sour Sop Yang juice, Green Veggie Yang bisque, Ginseng Yang tea

Every Evening for Dinner 3pm-9pm: Durian Yin juice, Haizao Yin broth, Chrysanthemum Yin tea


Continue the special diet and drink plenty of water. We have plenty of other juice, tea and soup flavors, so enjoy them whenever you want. Just remember to have them at the correct Qi, Yang or Yin time!