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3 Steps for Using Our Remedies

3 Steps for Using Our Remedies

Our over the counter (OTC) herbal remedies are well known for harmonizing body immunity with overall well-being, while fighting cold & flu. Traditional OTC drugs for cold & flu usually contain substances designed to help most people recover quickly, but may spike blood pressure and blood sugar in some. Our solution involves using our herbal remedies that correspond to Qi, Yang and Yin purposes to alleviate associated symptoms, while increasing immune system support with specific plant-based ingredients at certain times of day.

The ingredients in our herbal remedies and snacks are simply fresh organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and plant-based raw or minimally processed natural sweeteners. The fruits provide antioxidants for immune support, the vegetables provide vitamins and minerals to support well-being and cardiovascular health and the herbs provide their special constituents to help the immune system fight germs. The sweeteners we select are well known in nature to support the immune system, while maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

Our body care products contain the same natural ingredients, and you'll love the unique necessities and first aid supplies.

Step 1: Understanding Your Heart, Cold & Flu Symptoms and Using Integrative Medicine as a Healthcare Option

It is well understood that you can avoid or at least reduce the risk of future heart problems by adopting and sticking to a healthier lifestyle. Integrative medicine includes a variety of medical systems that combine in various ways to provide the right tools for individual patients.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine perspectives in cardiovascular care emphasize prevention as the key for maintaining good health. The main areas of disease prevention include avoiding tobacco, monitoring dietary choices and intake, exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy weight, managing stress; screening blood pressure, cholesterol levels and diabetes, and protecting against isolated, epidemic and seasonal infections.

Cold & flu symptoms are associated with various types of infection exposures, and may affect people with cardiovascular related disorders differently from those without them. Patients in the prevention stages or stabilizing moderate symptoms, need to be aware of the how cold & flu symptoms and the remedies they take could complicate their best efforts. Symptoms that are more difficult to recover and stabilize include chest and respiratory symptoms, gastrointestinal symptoms, blood pressure, blood sugar, body fluid levels and blood levels. Often the causes include providing the incorrect medication which prolongs microbial infection rates, over-medicating which taxes the body organs and depletes energy and body fluids, under-medicating which strengthens microbial infection, and certain medications with simple table sugar and ingredients that raise the blood sugar and pressure high above normal which permanently damages organs and vessels.

Step 2: Realizing the Significance of Qi, Yang and Yin Cycles for Personal Health Awareness

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, yin and yang move in a cycle and qi keeps them in motion. Qi can be obtained through food, drink and the fresh air your breath in. Yang is prominent during the day when our heart should be energetic and pumping healthy, abundant oxygen and nutrient rich blood. You should be active, feel a sense of well-being and accomplish necessary tasks. Yin is prominent at night when you should sleep, the body can relax, heal and prepare for the next day. Your heart can also rest and nutrition flows through your blood to provide sustenance and maintenance for your body organs.


Starting the day with a light to moderate breakfast and plenty of water, provides the initial energy of the day to help with daytime tasks and prevent deficiency. Our Qi cold & flu remedies support the superficial areas body with herbs that move Qi to protect and stabilize the energy around the orifices of the head, temporarily control symptoms and address the root cause. As the initial energy begins to wane towards noon, the body needs a Yang invigoration. 


Around lunch time, having a moderate to heavy meal with plenty of water provides a yang boost which helps with afternoon activity and prevent exhaustion. Our Yang cold & flu remedies first continue to support the superficial areas of the body with herbs that move Qi. Then provide herbs that support deeper areas of the throat, chest and digestive system, invigorate yang to support normal body temperature, provide and stabilize body energy while addressing the root cause. Yang diminishes towards the evening and the body needs Yin nourishment.


In the evening, having a light meal with plenty of water allows the body to reduce activity, relax and settle towards sleeping to provide body nourishment. Our Yin cold & flu remedies provide herbs that support the superficial and deeper areas of the head and chest, while addressing deeper areas such as body fluid-nourishment, supporting body temperature, restful mind and maintaining body energy while addressing the root cause. At bedtime during sleep, your heart and other body organs must rest and facilitate any healing.

Step 3: Realizing What a Harmonized Body, Heart and Mind Feels Like

Harmonizing the daily Qi, Yang and Yin Cycle benefits the body, heart and mind. Realizing the beneficial changes your body undergoes while recovering from a cold or flu, helps you to become more self aware and determined to maintain this state as homeostasis.

Harmonized body

This is a feeling of balance and well-being. You wake up automatically in the morning after a night of restful sleep, your natural energy rises and is available for completing daytime focus of making life decisions and plans.

Harmonized heart

This feeling is light and cool in the chest. Oxygenated blood is abundant and lipid levels are more balanced. You do not notice the motions and rhythm of the heart whether at rest or in motion.

Harmonized mind

This feeling is a light and clear head, no pain or congestion; vision, breathing and hearing are clear; no random thoughts, thinking is directly focused on one subject and speech is articulate and in pace with thoughts. The blood pressure is stable at normal and blood sugar is at regular levels.